Glory Gazing Ministries

Using the Creative Arts to Commune with God and Others.

Art Is the Language of the Heart

It was created by the Creator of all to reveal, to us, His heart and His nature-
the very essence of which is Love.

Watch the video to learn more about the
gifts of art and imagination.

Watch the Video

Creative Journaling-

Adult Coloring with an Inspirational Twist!

Visual Encounters

Meeting God and Deepening Relationships through Creative Journaling

This practical guide teaches us how to let our inner child express our thoughts and emotions using lines, shapes, color, and texture.

Christian Art by Priscilla Williams


Glory Gazing Retreats

Creating Moments of Inspiration and Respite

If you long to know God in a new and creative way, a Visual Encounters retreat or workshop will provide just the right setting to learn the tools to get you started on this creative journey!

Did we mention you do not need to be an artist?

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Priscilla Williams

Priscilla Williams

Encourager, Teacher, Painter,
Pastor and Missionary

“…one of the most rewarding aspects of this ministry is watching the liberation of people as they discover their sacred connections with God, where they have permission to be the child of God.”

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